Gary plays…Monopoly Plus

After watching a ton of wrestling, I really fancy playing something. Nothing too serious though. Plus we have a new mattress airing out in the living room, blocking my Pro Evolution Soccer seat (middle of the carpet) and making random springing sounds. So that rules out any Pro Evolution Soccer and anything scary. I don’t want to be jumping every time the mattress expands!

So, why not Monopoly Plus? I bought it a few months ago in a PSN Sale. I don’t usually bother with board games on consoles, but I love Monopoly and have no one to play it with. My kids are too young and my wife hates it. I don’t blame her to be fair, I know how seriously I take Monopoly.

When I play Monopoly, the game becomes a war. I won’t trade a property just because you want a set, I know you’re going to build houses on it. I will insist on putting all the fine money under the Free Parking square so I can potentially win it back. Also, if I land on your property and you’re too busy chatting, then I won’t tell you. As far as I’m concerned, as soon as the next player rolls the dice, my turn is over and you’ve missed out. My Dad taught us that rule when I was a kid…though to be honest, I don’t think that’s a rule, I think he just got fed up of us kids not paying attention!

MONOPOLY PLUS_20181012214256

Monopoly Plus then…it’s a pretty glamorous take on Monopoly. Living maps, an American announcer, chirpy jazz music – it’s a far cry from the faded board I was used to! I’m angered by the fact I can’t change the default rules…being able to collect money while in jail? What is this, Monopoly Junior? I set up the game to play with a mixture of CPU players, some easy and some on medium level. I’m trying not to take this too seriously. If I play against humans, I’m going to end up shouting at the TV, so online play is a no go.

MONOPOLY PLUS_20181012215622

Monopoly Plus is much more chilled than real Monopoly, to be fair. It’s quite a passive game – I’m happily sat typing and checking my phone while playing it, things I would never do playing real Monopoly. The only problem is, you have to depend on the CPU replicating ‘random’ dice throws. I ended up in jail three times on my first attempt to get round the board!

MONOPOLY PLUS_20181013222932.jpg

I’m pretty laid back until I see Tommy suddenly buy his second brown property and build a ton of houses on them. Then the inevitable arms race breaks out. Monopoly is a fun game at first, as you dawdle around the board  buying properties. Then, someone gets a few of the same colour properties and all hell breaks loose. I see the threat of Tommy emerging and quickly acquire all the light blue properties, planning on building lots of houses and hotels on them. The CPU players sell them to me far too easily and before long I’ve got a little light blue empire on the corner before Jail.

As always with me and Monopoly, though it doesn’t last. I overextend myself trying to buying up the purples and extend my monopoly to an entire corner (the best way to win at Monopoly). Landing on Tommy’s newly set up orange property hotel destroys me and I have to sell all my houses. Worse still, someone on the the next go lands on my now puny property….I get $11, when a go earlier I would have got $500!

MONOPOLY PLUS_20181015212443.jpg

I’m absolutely gutted…my chilled out game of Monopoly Plus has turned into a capitalist nightmare. If you’ve even been stuck playing Monopoly with no money and no properties while everyone else has an empire of houses and hotels, then you can see how bleak it looks for me. The only sensible thing for me to do is to declare bankruptcy and call it a day…

A sad end to my brief Monopoly Plus session, but I really enjoyed myself. Playing a board game on a console can never be the same as playing a board game with real people, but I thought Monopoly Plus was pretty slick. It’s easy enough to play, though I wish you could change the rules and get more boards from the get-go. I can see myself playing it again at some point – there is an trophy you can get for winning a six player local game, so I fancy trying to get that trophy at some point. If you like Monopoly and see Monopoly Plus in a sale, I’d recommend it; as a piece of laid back gaming with a little bit of strategy involved, it’s pretty good.


Author: Gary Heneghan

I write about video games and wrestling at and moonlight as the The Hopeful Sega Mage at

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