Extreme Warfare Revenge

I decided to focus on Extreme Warfare Revenge (EWR) for my next GameTripper post, as it’s a game I have a lot of memories of. Many wasted nights were spent pouring time into EWR and it was a bit of an obsession for a while. Almost enough of an obsession to derail University for me…thankfully for me, the first year of my course didn’t count towards the degree!

For those who aren’t sure of what EWR is, it’s basically a strategy management game where you are the ‘booker’ of a wrestling promotion. Basically, the booker’s job is to write the storylines, pick who fights who, who wins the matches etc. Think of it as Championsip Manager for wrestling fans and you’ve got the idea.

The link to the full article is below, if you wish to read it. Be warned, it features wrestling nerd overload, Pinky and The Brain and a wrestler inspired by genitals…





Author: Gary Heneghan

I write about video games and wrestling at https://gamesandgrappling.game.blog/ and moonlight as the The Hopeful Sega Mage at https://thewellredmage.com/

9 thoughts on “Extreme Warfare Revenge”

  1. I actually still play this once in a while. In some ways I rpeferred TNM7, but EWR had a lot going for it in its time. On the point fo updating it, there are actually already updates out there that can be downlaoded and improted quickly.
    Fun side note, i’m in the game. Back when I worked for Hammerlock, someone made an update including some Hammerlock wrestlers and, having started doing shows by then, they included me. I’m awful with my default stats, though that’s to be expected given it was my first pro year, but it was fun downloading it and seeing myself unexpectedly.

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      1. I can see that, wish I could have booked that back in the day! I was TNA so always had Raven v Jarrett and Styles Vs other great workers for the title. Styles was my go to guy, had great matches with everyone!

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