November Editorial

Hi all

It’s been a great first month at Games and Grappling. I’ve enjoyed just writing about what I’m doing in relation to pro wrestling and video games and I’m hoping everyone is enjoying what I’m doing too.

I’m going to write these posts at the start of every month, just to keep track of what I’ve been doing and to try and plan ahead for the following month. I like to have a vague of where I’m going and the best way of doing that sometimes is to make a note of what you’ve done!


Gary played…not much this month. I managed to have a go of Monopoly Plus and The Crew, plus I’ve started to try and complete my second season with the Buffalo Sabres on NHL 16

Gary watched…a couple of New Japan shows, Fighting Spirit Unleashed from the US and King of Pro Wrestling from erm….Japan. I also watched two WWE shows, Super Show-Down from Australia and Evolution, the women’s only PPV show.

Gary’s thoughts…lots of thoughts this month! I wrote about starting Games and Grappling, my trip to EGX 18, some thoughts on dealing with gaming backlogs and my attempts to broaden the blog’s horizons by setting up a Bloglovin’ profile.

Community – I answered the Later Levels October Question of the Month, about which game scared me the most…needless to say, the research for this question traumatized me again!

The Well-Red Mage – my next new review isn’t due to drop until 15 November, so I reposted my debut for Well-Red Mage, a review of Super Mario Land on the Game Boy. It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever written.

GameTripper – Two GameTripper posts this month, the first a repost of my debut GameTripper post looking at my memories of Altered Beast, the second a post on my memories of Extreme Warfare Revenge. Yes, I did play a wrestling booking simulator and try to turn a wrestler called Penis Man into a star…

November 2


As always, I have no concrete plans but here are some rough ideas for November on Games and Grappling.

  • I’ll be watching NJPW Power Struggle, NXT Takeover: War Games and WWE Survivor Series. WWE Crown Jewel? I haven’t decided if I’m going to watch that show yet, but I’m leaning towards skipping it…
  • I’ve started playing a PS4 game, one of the PSN freebies that I’m really enjoying, so I plan to write about that. I’m also going to play more NHL 16, try and get those damn Buffalo Sabres into the playoffs.
  • I’ve got a Well-Red Mage post due for mid November, in time for the fifth year anniversary of the PS4’s release. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m aiming for the 15th. I’ll also be reblogging my older WRM reviews as I want all of them in one place on this blog.
  • Hopefully, I’ll get to write another GameTripper post – it might be best I explain what happened to my wrestling booking career after Extreme Warfare Revenge

Anyway, thanks for reading and interacting, looking forward to more of the same next month!


Author: Gary Heneghan

I write about video games and wrestling at and moonlight as the The Hopeful Sega Mage at

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