November Question of the Month – If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

As we head into November, it’s time for a new Later Levels question of the month. This month’s question was asked by Teri Mae at Sheikah Plate, an ace Zelda inspired cooking site.

So how would I answer Teri Mae’s question? Well, if I was playing a game for the rest of my life, I would want it to be able to hold my attention for say….another 35 years at least? However, I don’t want something too stressful – a Pro Evolution Soccer or a Football Manager would just irritate me eventually. Plus, I’d rather go on an adventure than grind away at a sports game.

The problem is, I reckon even I could complete a game if I had 35 years or so to do it. I wouldn’t want to pick a Fallout or Final Fantasy game as my designated game for the rest of my life, only to finish it too soon and be left with several years with no game to play. Likewise, I don’t want to pick a game that’s too easy – if I picked Golden Axe for example, I reckon I would get bored of it pretty quickly.

So…I need to pick a game that is 1) going to keep me entertained for a long time, 2) isn’t too stressful or irritating and 3) doesn’t really have an end. Given those options, there is one game that comes to mind…

outrun 2 xbox

…Outrun 2!

It might seem like an odd choice, but let me explain. There are several great reasons why I could play Outrun 2 for the rest of my life. For a start, it’s a simple yet fun game. It won’t take over my life but it’s one I could quite happily play for hours. Outrun 2 doesn’t require too much thought, yet there is quite a bit of skill involved in drifting around corners and winning races.

Secondly, I think Outrun 2 is perfect as an arcade racer. If I had picked a game that had sequels or annual updates, then I might find myself pining for a newer version of that game or even a specific version. With Outrun 2, I can’t think of a better arcade racer. Maybe Burnout, but I don;t want to spend the rest of my life getting angry at EA for their mistreatment of the franchise!

I also find that Outrun 2 cheers me up too, which I may need as I get older. As life goes on and you become an adult, sometimes it’s nice to have something you can revert to that will put a smile on your face. Outrun 2 does that for me – I love the soundtrack, it’s so sunny and upbeat that it’s hard not to hum along. Throw in the pretty graphics and exotic locations and Outrun 2 is a very appealing game.

There is more to Outrun 2’s cheerful appeal than looks and audio though. It’s the game itself – it is the gaming personification of freedom. Have you ever been heading to work and wondered what would happen if you just kept driving? Imagine going on an Outrun 2 style drive instead of sitting at your desk and fumbling with your stubborn slow computer…it’s like a dream isn’t it?

The creation of the original Outrun came from such an endeavor; Yu Sukuzi, the game’s developer, toured Europe in a BMW for two weeks, looking for inspiration for a racing game. That in itself sums up Outrun, imagine a modern game being inspired like that? Outrun 2 is a classic example of Sega ‘Blue Skies’ gaming – bright, colourful and cheerful arcade gameplay and it would certainly be something I would look forward in the winter months when it’s cold and dark! I can’t stand winter so being able to play Outrun 2 in the winter would be needed, I think!

Also, I’ve never explored the Heart Attack mode of Outrun 2 so that could be fun. Throw in the five routes and I’ve got a fair bit of racing to be getting on with! If I can somehow blag the Special Tour tracks too, that’s ten routes and I think I’d be happy with that!

So, in summary, if I could only play one game for the rest of my life, I’d pick Outrun 2 – it’s a fun, ‘pick up and play’ game that is a perfect representation of one of my favourite genres and has always been a game that always cheers me up.



Author: Gary Heneghan

I write about video games and wrestling at and moonlight as the The Hopeful Sega Mage at

2 thoughts on “November Question of the Month – If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”

  1. Outrun 2 😍
    I still have this game and even now in 2018 it is still incredibly fun. It’s crazy how many awesome games Yu Suzuki and the Sega AM2 studio made.

    You’ve got me itching for some Outrun and Daytona now.

    Liked by 1 person

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